Precious Metals to Industry

The SBA Group of companies is 100% Australian owned and operated and has a proud heritage of “value adding” precious metals. Through our manufacturing entities SBA has established itself as a market leader in its chosen fields.
Established in 1986, SBA has been supplying electrical contacts both new and refurbished along with silver brazing alloys to companies such as BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Cigweld and all other major electrical utility companies throughout Australia and New Zealand.
We have built our reputation in the Electrical contact manufacture and refurbishment sector by offering a quality product, on time and at competitive prices.Also as we are the biggest Australian manufacturer of both Cad and Cad Free brazing alloys in various profiles including rods and rings, we service this industry with the same proffessionalism and dedication as all our other products and services.
SBA also supply pure Gold, Silver, Carated alloys and Refining services to the manufacturing jewellery sector.
More recently SBA has been manufacturing Gold and Silver Bullion to the investment market where our brand is accepted by leading independent bullion dealers throughout Australia and has been verified by Government statutory bodies.
As a testament to SBA’s credentials we have been successful in being contracted by many leading Bullion Companies within Australia to manufacture their bullion under license. This has enhanced SBA’s reputation as a trusted supplier and a company of high integrity.
As an extension of this SBA was approached by Bullion Dealers to also see if it was possible for SBA to set up and manufacture custom made minted products from precious metals. Our research revealed that there was an opportunity and demand for a privately run Australian company such as ourselves to set up a “Boutique” minting service.
Whilst still in this development stage we have received an enormous amount od praise from our peers as to our “World Class” products through very little exposure. With orders coming from the 2012 Gold Symposium in Sydney, Rio Tinto, Power House Museum Sydney, Tourist shops, Bullion merchants, Religious groups and individual investors, clearly we intend to become a leader in the “Boutique” minting services.
SBA are very proud to have been chosen by the Jin Yu Long Yuan Company of China whom had the rights to the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games medals to be given the exclusive agency for its products and services within Australia. This benefits SBA’s clients by allowing access to their expert designers, toolmakers and technical back up which is so important in getting an outstanding finish on a highly prestigious product. SBA believes that the qualities that has seen it become a market leader in areas of its business with its trademark dedicated, friendly staff and getting the job done attitude will see the company well placed to meet the demands of the Commemoritive Medallion and Bullion market going forward.
Contact names at SBA Amalgamated

Gary Warke – Sales Director.
Shane Brooks – Production Director.
Robert Kimmit – Manager.
Sharon Robinson – Accounts.

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Our mission

To exceed our customers’ expectations in quality, delivery and cost through continuous improvement and customer interaction.