SBA Amalgamated

SBA is a very diverse manufacturing company which is involved in many different products and services including Gold and Gold alloys,Silver and Silver Bullion, contacts, silver brazing alloys, in house brazing as well as a full refining division for all your refining needs such as Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium to name a few – please click on the “Products” tab above or the navigation pane on the side to be taken into the various different sections of our company.

Silver is traditionally the most extensively used metal in electrical contacts due to its corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity properties. In pure form it is suitable for low-pressure contacts demanding high conductivity.
Operating parameters which indicate other contact pressure, material transfer or arc quenching considerations are best served by silver alloys with copper, cadmium or cadmium oxide.

SBA is one of the few companies to manufacture Cadmium Silver Oxide on the premises, thus giving the client the speed and versatility they may require. SBA also works confidently with all other metals including Copper Tungsten and Silver Tungsten.

Medium to heavy-duty applications may call for the use of silver tungsten or copper tungsten contact material. In order to accommodate requirements dictated by economic or substrate bonding factors.

Indicative Contact Material Properties

FINE SILVER High conductivity, low contact resistance. Low oxidation and corrosion. 40 108
SILVER COPPER Lower conductivity and material transfer, higher oxidation and hardness. 75 82
SILVER/CADMIUM OXIDE Medium conductivity, low resistance and material transfer. Hard with excellent arc quenching properties. 60 86
SILVER TUNGSTEN Lower conductivity, high hardness. Ideal for high voltage heavy duty. 195 46
COPPER TUNGSTEN As for Silver Tungsten. Applicable to oil filled installations. 180 31