• Torroid Repairs / Manufacture
• Arc Shield Repairs/Manufacture
• Busbar Repairs – Leak Testing of water cooling tracks
• Suppliers of Brazing Flux in various sizes
• Bakelite board replacement service
• Manufacturers of Arc Shields
• Repairers of switchyard isolator arms of all shapes and sizes
• Electrical contactor repairs  – strip, repair & reassemble all types
• Manufacturers of Shim type braids
• Manufacturers of copper braid straps
• Machining of acetal parts, Bakelite parts & other materials as required
• Brazing Service
• Manufacture / Repair of Slip Rings
• Supply of all types Spur Gears
• Wire Drawing service
• Sandblasting service
• Buy back of obsolete contacts
• Manufacturer of Tapchanger Tops
. Supplier of all types & sizes of springs
Please click on our “Gallery” tab to view a small sample of contacts we have either Made and / or Refurbished.