Established in 1986

SBA Amalgamated has played an important role in the maintenance and repairs to all the major energy suppliers and industries throughout Australia and New Zealand.

With the majority of the older OEM suppliers having shut down, SBA plays a pivotal role in the ongoing upkeep and maintenance programs for many of the mining, power, transport and utility companies.

Silver Brazing Alloy is a key component of the manufacturing entity which makes up SBA Amalgamated. We are the biggest Australian manufacturer of both cadmium bearing and cadmium free brazing alloys in various forms and profiles including rods, wire, rings and shim. Silver brazing is used in a variety of different industries such as plumbing, air-conditioning, refrigeration, engineering, agriculture and maintenance.

We also offer an in-house brazing service which goes hand in hand with the manufacture and repair of electrical contacts ensuring quick turnaround times.

The manufacturing jewellery sector has long been an important facet bringing diversity to the SBA Group and works as an important link to SBA Precious Metals. We supply pure gold and silver and carated alloys along with offering a complete refining service to both the jewellery and prospecting industries.

For many years now gold and silver bullion investment bars have been sold through the SBA Precious Metals entity. Our brand is accepted by leading independent bullion dealers throughout Australia and has been verified by Government statutory bodies. SBA has been contracted by many leading Australian bullion companies to produce bullion, under licence, on their behalf. We also offer a custom minting service which has proven to be quite successful, gaining orders from companies, clubs, bullion merchants, religious groups and personal investors.

Great Southern Land is a subsidiary to SBA Precious Metals allowing us to sell specialized merchandise which has been successfully sold to RSL’s and other worthy organisations throughout Australia and New Zealand.