Silver Solder Rods

brazing rods

Cadmium Bearing Alloys

Cadmium bearing alloys offer an excellent combination of melting range, capillary flow and mechanical properties. These Cadmium bearing alloys would be recommended for use as the most economical alloys where the presence of Cadmium is acceptable. They should only be used in well ventilated areas and in accordance to information as supplied with the product.

Cadmium Free Alloys

Cadmium free alloys have been developed to be used where the presence of Cadmium is unacceptable i.e The food and Beveridge industries. These alloys are suitable for use on most ferrous and non ferrous metals but due to the capillary flow being less than the Cadmium bearing alloys – quite often a higher silver content is required to assist the capillary flow.

Phosphorus Bearing Alloys

These alloys are recommended for fluxless brazing of copper and are used extensively in the plumbing, air conditioning and refrigeration industries. As the silver content increases so does the resistance to vibration, temperature change and stress. These alloys can also be used on brass and bronze with the application of soldering flux. Please click on “Brazing Table” for a comprehensive list of all of our solders.

Standard Profiles

Product Series Rod Wire Shim Flux Coated
SB30 – SNI50 * * * x
SB30C/F -60C/F * * * SB402 – SB56
S.PHOS 2,5 & 15 * x x x

Preform Profiles

Brazing alloy Rings & Washers are available in all the SBA range to our clients specifications. SBA is equipped to provide brazing alloys in the optimum form so our clients are able to obtain maximum efficiency & performance in application.